Mechanical & Electrical & Optics

Engineers at Dreamzeal are highly competent and highly motivated, and they provide 3D modelling services to a variety of businesses. We are into 2D to 3D modelling utilizing specialized tools. Our team creates mathematical representations of any object's surface in three dimensions. We help entrepreneurs and established engineering firms turn their ideas into 2D design concepts and also 3D digital prototypes. We create manufacturing designs, industrial designs and product assembly.

Our experience to provide high-quality 3D modelling and drawing services. AEROSPACE, ELECTRONICS, MEDICAL DEVICES, OPTICAL AND GENERAL ENGINEERING are just a few of our happy clientele. Some of the key 3D modelling and drafting services we provide are as follows:

  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D details/assemblies to 3D models/assemblies
  • Design validation and verification against specifications and design rules
  • Assembly kinematics, interference, and clearance checks
  • Full-fledged manufacturing drawings are rendered in 3D.
  • CAD models and 3D sectional views
  • Exploded views of a 3D model
  • Motion Simulations
  • Electrical interfaces
Technical Services
PCB Designing

PCB Designing

Almost all PCB services, including designs, layouts, and prototypes, are handled by us. To create the most seamless design, we employ the most modern and updated design software. You can be guaranteed of the following benefits by outsourcing PCB design services to India:

Our comprehensive mechanical design and analysis will help you render the best results you expect from your idea. We will also support you in further modifications for the usage and design compatibility, providing you with the best.

  • Design of a high-speed printed circuit board with unrivaled quality
  • Single-sided as well as multi-layered handling boards
  • Components are arranged according to the specifications of the customer.
  • Taking extra precautions when tracing the route
  • Developing footprints for unique packages
  • Obtaining layout services for both new and current printed circuit boards that require modifications
  • Various tests are used to avoid problems that may arise throughout the production process.
  • Another area of concentration for us is developing printed circuit board designs for electrical appliance manufacturing.