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Dreamzeal Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company With The Goal Of Providing quality services with efficient expertise in the field of design and manufacturing services

DREAMZEAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that provides complete end-to-end solutions ranging from concept design and research and development to design engineering, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing. We have a strong Product Design team. We usually take the client's raw or basic idea as input. We accept Client Requirements as input. Our Engineers then collaborate to bring the designs to life using various Technical research and expertise. Our engineers not only create a design model, but also ensure a working prototype to prove the concept. We then recommend the necessary optimizations once the prototype has been functionally approved.

Our team ensures that we work efficiently in the fewest simulation time possible, allowing us to progress more accurately and precisely while working on diverse disciplines at the same time. Our engineers offer product design services at any level and can accept products from the mid-stage to the final stages of manufacturing. Whatever the concept, we guarantee that we will take on the initiative and provide end-to-end services, from concept development to implementing to fabrication. Contact us right away if you want to learn more about us or have any questions.

Design and Manufacturing services under one roof

Are you searching for a Designing and manufacturing Company, but are unsure which entity might help you with comprehensive product technical assistance? Would you like to develop a new product but can't get the right Design and  Manufacturing Team for your product design with professional expertise? Do you wonder, "Which firm should I hire for product design and manufacturing?"

Design and Manufacturing services

Why choose us

Products we design & manufacture

  • Easy to do business with
  • Spirit and ingenuity of a startup, order of a mature company
  • Working Internationally with both -small and - large scale customers.
  • Providing support from product concept phase
  • Transparent communication, quick response, flat structure Easy to manage a complete project with just one partner
  • Product transfer management

We spend your money wisely

  • Saving time and money with "under one roof” concept working with both small and large scale customers
  • In-house seniority expertise - no need to spend your money on our learning process
  • Transparent project cost on design and manufacturing
  • Focusing on total cost of ownership not only on price

Quick time to market

  • Project phases overlap, design and volume production time shortened
  • Quicker, better engineering change process
  • Quick verification of component selection
  • Prototyping capabilities and in-house facilities
  • Hardware & software design competences on board
  • Verification of the concept feasibility: system modeling and simulation
  • Complete and reliable process from product design to mass production

HR Recruters

Having the best resources will lead you to higher success, and at Dreamzeal, we help you power your progress in Human Resource Management.

DreamZeal Technologies is a global technical recruiting firm that works to fill permanent, contract, and temporary roles based on the requirement. We offer workforce recruiting services to enterprises of all types, from start-ups to significant organisations, in industries such as IT, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer products

Manpower Consultancy

Bring your ideas to life with 3D design and manufacturing services by dreamzeal

As one of the leading providers of machine design and development services, we ensure that our approach is suitable to our customers' design and modelling requirements. Here's a stage process workplace procedure that we use for every machine development and implementation project to ensure completeness and accuracy and optimal efficiency.

Understanding the Requirements

Our first primary objective is to interpret the intent of the requirement and the corresponding output. As a result, we undergo a comprehensive evaluation of best suitable solutions.


We develop ideas for the mechanical design and organise an approach to appropriate resources and assigns an ideal time limit based on the evaluation criteria and application.

Design Implementation and Iteration

This is where we apply our calculations, assessments, and analyses to create designs. Several iterations are done in the process to ensure ease of manufacturing and assembling.

Analysis of Design

Following that are technical evaluations and analyses. Here, we consider how each component is integrated with one another, as well as how forces and stresses will affect the design.


Our job isn't done until you've successfully manufactured and assembled. We assist you with the manufacturing, testing, and final assembly and make sure everything is smoothly processed.

Continuous Improvement

All the inputs from the assembly point of view is considered and further improvement in design is initiated to get the best output.

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